Saturday, May 3, 2008


Surah Al – Fatihah (The opening)

This Surah is the opening of Quranic Scripture. It is rightly called “Ummul” Quran which means “The essence of Quran “. It is the authenticated version of Muslim prayer and an essential part of every Rakaat of Namaz (part of prayer). In the form of complete sura this was the first sure of Quran. Prior to it a few verses of other Suras namely Iqra, Muzzamil and Muddassir had been revealed but they were not complete in their revalation. It is therefore right to call it as “the opening” Fatihah “or Ummul Quran Ummul Kitab. This sura is singular in its synthesis, and no other sura of Quran or any verse of the other Holy Book is a match to it.

This sura consists of one of one Ruku (Stanza, seven verses 27 words and 140 letters and it was revealed as a first complete surat in Mecca. Its first three verses are in praise of Allah, the fourth verse in partly a praise and partly a prayer and the last three contain the words of prayer).


è 1. The date of revelation of this surat can not be exactly can not be exactly quoted but it is certain that it formed part and parcel of Namaz from the beginning. That is a time 10 years before the event of Hijra.

  1. In the name of Allah Rahman ( the Beneficent) Rahim (the Merciful).

  2. All praise is for Allah the Rab (Raiser) of the Worlds.è2. The word Rab may be roughly thought to be a synonm of “Lord” but it carries the meaning of “one who brings up “or” one who looks after so in one word we can say it to be “Raiser”. It is better if we use word of “Rab” itself to avoid any confusion.

  3. Rahman (the Beneficent) Rahim (the Merciful).

  4. The Maalik (Master) of the Day of Judgement.è3.The word of “Maalik” in translated as “Owner” but owner is suitable for “material things” and the “Day of judgement” is not material so it better if we write it as Maalik (Master) itself.

  5. We worship you alone and seek your help only.

  6. Conduct us to the right course (path).

  7. The course of those who are favoured by you and not the course of those who roused your rage nor of those who slip from the right path.

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